Wildmarsh Lake

    On this page you will find out all about Wildmarsh , methods, baits and rules.

    Wildmarsh Lake is a 6 acre  lake with 76 swims and has a main island and a spit . Wildmarsh is our main runs water for day and night fishing.  Ideal for the carp angler or  pleasure angler. Stocked with Carp to 26lb, Grass Carp to 25lb,  Crucians to 3lb, Tench to 6lb ( green and gold), Bream to 11lb, Perch to 3lb, Roach, Rudd, Barbell and Chubb.

    We do not allow Matches on Wildmarsh anymore due to the high demand in carp fishing on Wildmarsh Lake.

    Wildmarsh lake sees many methods;

* Straight lead ( out in front and margins)

* Pole ( short or long , Margins, up to the islands, on the deck)

* Traditional Waggler ( on the bottom and Margins)

* Method Feeder

    For the carp angler a wide variety of methods get used, such as KD Rig, Solid bag, The Choddy Rig, Helicopter and many more. You are contending with a silt bottom with hard clay spots in places to fish to.

   Popular baits for Wildmarsh;


* Hard pellet

* Soft pellet

* Paste

* Ground bait

* Sweetcorn

* Luncheon meat

* All your naturals ( Worm, Maggot, Caster)

    On Wildmarsh  the Carp respond very well to boilies of all sizes tipped with fake corn or pop ups. with either PVA bags or sticks as lose feed or just general scattered boilies. also spodding and spoming works well depending on the day. Boilie wise anything sweet or fruity works well. pink yellow pop ups or corn. Silvers respond well to pellet ( soft or hard), caster etc. .


* No Matches allowed

* No floating baits

* Maximum 15lb line

* Maximum size 6 hook

* MUST have an unhooking mat

* NO bait boats

* Landing nets and unhooking mats must be dipped and dried before use 

* Own keep nets must be dipped and dried before use but only for pleasure fishing.

* NO keep nets for night fishing

* 70lb net limit for Carp, 50lb net limit Silvers

* Carp and Silvers kept separate.

* Fish MUST NOT be left in nets longer than 6 hours

* Barbless hooks only

* NO stalking

* All baits in moderation

* Do not leave your rods unattended when in the water.

* Please make sure all bait is removed from hooks when not being used

* ALL rubbish must be taken with you

* Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

* Night fishing over 18's only unless accompanied by and adult

* NO dogs unless by prior permission



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