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Middlemarsh Lake

    On this page you will find out all about Middlemarsh, methods, baits and rules.

    Middlemarsh Lake is a 1  1/2  acre  lake with 16 swims fishing to open water or lily pad. Middlemarsh is our main pleasure water , no matches or night fishing so she's a lake that's always available for fishing.  Ideal for the  pleasure angler. Stocked with Carp to 12lb, Crucians to 3lb, Tench to 6lb + , Bream to 3lb, F1's to 2lb. 

    Middlemarsh lake sees many methods;

* Straight lead

* Pole ( short or long , Margins, up to the  lily's)

* Traditional Waggler ( on the bottom , up to the lily's)

* Method Feeder

    Popular baits for Middlemarsh;

* Hard pellet

* Soft pellet

* Paste

* Ground bait

* Sweetcorn

* Luncheon meat

* All your naturals ( Worm, Maggot, Caster)

    On Middlemarsh  the Carp respond well to soft pellet, paste, worm , maggot and corn. many anglers enjoy fishing up to the lily pads as they are a lovely feature to fish to, but beware the carp no exactly where to go once hooked. Silvers respond well to pellet ( soft or hard), caster, maggot, corn etc.. .


* No matches

* No floating baits

* Maximum 15lb line

* Maximum size 10 hook

* Own keep nets must be dipped and dried before use but only for pleasure fishing.

* NO keep nets for night fishing

* 70lb net limit for Carp, 50lb net limit Silvers

* Carp and Silvers kept separate.

* Fish MUST NOT be left in nets longer than 6 hours

* Barbless hooks only

* NO stalking

* All baits in moderation

* Do not leave your rods unattended when in the water.

* Please make sure all bait is removed from hooks when not being used

* ALL rubbish must be taken with you

* Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

* NO night fishing

* NO matches

* NO dogs unless by prior permission


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