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Welcome to Trinity Waters Fishery!

   Trinity Waters is a family run fishery in the heart of Somerset, set in mature, tranquil surroundings. The Fishery consists of 5 lakes all offering something slightly different to cater for a wide variety of anglers. Catering for anglers of all abilities, young and old, abled and less abled. All our lakes are silt bottom with the occasional hard clay spot. The Fishery is still growing with our latest addition being Middlemarsh Lake  in May 2016.

    The lakes were originally dug in 1902-1923 when the Somerset Trading CO had begun the manufacturing of bricks in the  parish using Keuper marl and by 1909 Major & Co Ltd were involved in Clay extraction which is how the lakes were created. Most of the clay pits have been filled in but our lakes are some of the few that remain here to this day.

    The complex is split into 2 sites:

Woodland Site - Woodland Lake, Ash Lake

Wildmarsh Site - Wildmarsh Lake, Middlemarsh Lake and Chandos Lake.

Misha Davies
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